02 avril 2011


Am I the only freak retard hallucinating that Hayato, new BLOOD singer, ex. Satan, Schwarz Lillie and Hayato, ex. Mar'derayla singer are the fucking same guy?? Damn. Why can't I get through this ;A; Here they are. Hayato (BLOOD) Hayato (Mar'derayla)    Maybe I'm just a crazy bitch lol.
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17 novembre 2010

17 septembre 2010

Jun's now 27 years old. Maybe it's the last year I wish him a happy birthday. He's really getting on my nerves. BUT! BEST WISHES FOR THIS YEAR AND I WISH YOU'LL IMPROVE YOURSELF ON YOU ATTITUDE DARLING  ♥ (He's cute on these pictures but I really hate the oshare thing on his head DDD8<)
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15 novembre 2010

I'm not that surprised.

There's a tiny chance Iori left because of his hernia AND because he was getting tired of Jun.   http://tanukiwww.livejournal.com/8131.html   It's weird, I was totally into Jun like two months ago or so. Now he just, totally pisses me off. He realized he really was cute but just. Aggravated it to the point he isnt cute anymore. He starts to disgust me.   WHY PHANTASMAGORIA'S MEMBERS BECAME ALL SHITTY AFTER DISBANDMENT? Beside Iori DDDD8 (Matoi just didn't do anything so he is annoying LOL)
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06 avril 2010

I love to be compulsive and obsessive...

Guess what.Yesterday, Phantasmagoria's live was aired on internet. I didn't even hear about THIS FUCKING EVENT until today. And I missed it all. For once, I could "attend" one of their show. But yeah, I missed it all. I FUCKING MISSED IT ALL! I DIDN'T EVEN KNEW I WAS STILL THAT OBSESSIVE ABOUT THEM. I FUCKING WASTED THE SINGLE LAST MOTHER FUCKING CHANCE TO SEE THEM IN "REAL". DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD AND MAD I AM AT THE SAME TIME? I WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE THEM ANYMORE. BECAUSE OF FUCKING RIN. I REALLY WANNA HANG MYSELF. DIG OUT... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2010


I wish you weren't expecting something new about Kisaki's new band....'Cause you'll be FUCKING angry as I am right now. RIKU IS THE FUCKING SINGER OF THIS BAND AND IT WAS THE ONLY THING I WISHED WOULDN'T BE. Akito, (Now Katana) and Reiya, from CHARIOTS, will also be there...Ok... so the last band with Riku didn't work out, so you think it will work better if you're in the band, Kisaki...ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? =______________=And Akito looks EVEN MORE like Jun than before... WHAT THE HELL. And Reiya took Iori's place, what is... [Lire la suite]
10 février 2010

People are full of win sometimes~ ♥

I really laughed my ass off: "GAXNELA SAYS: Someone has insufficient funds~" It's about Kisaki getting a new band... LOL
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08 février 2010

Phantasmagoria World Tour Petition

I wish you'll take the time to sign for this.If you like me a bit or just if you like the band.Because attending to one of their show would be THE DAY of my life. I would be pretty much happier than at Dir en Grey's show in 2008... So please... PLEASE! Sign this petition!    http://www.petitiononline.com/MagoTour/p etition.html If it comes true, I sure will devote myself to every friend who signed this for the rest of my life.  
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27 janvier 2010

Hopeless case...

"On February 1st, Phantasmagoria will be in the Cure offices to do a cover shoot. The photography session will be streamed live for everyone to see! To see the stream, you'll need to follow these steps:   Follow the official Cure twitter (Cure_office). Apply for the event via twitter.Note: They haven't announced specifically how to apply yet, but I will post again when they do. February 1st, 9:00 JAPAN TIME is when the stream will start.Use this site to convert to your local time." ... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009


I didn't even mentionned it yet ._____. SHAME ON ME! But yeah, Spiv States website has kinda been updated but HELL YEAH IT ROCKS! http://spivstates.com And OMG! Jun is SO cute ;_;/  ♥ But Iori is frightening ._.;; Here is a link to download the songs sample: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyqk1mgzmoj Voilà, this is the end! 8D
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12 octobre 2009

spiv states

Criss manne, spiv states are going to spread all over the VK world, c'est débile! It's kind of: we'll do a LIVE with NOIZ, after that a LIVE with lulu, ALIBI, Seven, -OZ-, aicle and more, another with aicle and some other bands bâtards and another with n'doll and ArtCube (and some other but...)! It's like: yeah you only have two official members, an official website with a sucker layout and whut? Nothing, 0 pictures of the band, almost nothing to show them to the world... WTF with that? KISAKouille has a bad influence on his... [Lire la suite]
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