17 novembre 2010

I don't wanna be a Superhero

"I don't wanna be a superhero Never really cared about society I don't wanna be a superhero I don't care so don't call me! " Roadrunner United - I don't wanna be (a superhero)
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11 novembre 2010


Kagrra. debuted as "Karasu".It means "Crow" for those who don't know. Kagrra. is a play with the word "Kagura", meaning "Ancient Shinto dance" lol. By the way, the band is disbanding. Kinda sad, but they weren't innovating at all.So I think it's better to just split up. They lasted long. And were worth it. Congratulation Kagrra., I was happy you lived... -Rest In Peace-  By the way, I'm kinda sad Isshi haven't had any pretty haircut for their ten years of live. Sorry Isshi haha!
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19 octobre 2010


This man seems deep to me.
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18 octobre 2010

Mist of Rouge... XD ♥

I was laughing at Kisaki Project's PV Aisyuu - Unrequieted Love- but...   OMG!!!!   Mist of Rouge just beated them.   The had a song called "Flow Tears" and, man, the PV is überly cheezy XDDD   Like, ok, they show river's flow to create an effect with the title of the song.   Crap, THAT IS SO FUNNY XDDD ♥   And the clip is all long with pictures of nature.   LOL.   There it is:
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13 octobre 2010

Because I feel like posting this.

I'm such a fantard of him.  
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11 octobre 2010

Say You'll Haunt Me

  I'm in love with this song~ ;A;/ ♥ *Bonus: Brown haired Corey~*
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17 février 2010

La Guerre

J'arrive pas à trouver la version mp3... Mais j'aime vraiment  cette  chanson♥  
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15 octobre 2009


J'ai pogné un trippe lynch. ces temps-ci. Et, sérieux, ma préférée du groupe c'est vraiment the whirl, version BURIED (l'album là). C'est tellement intense comment le début est violent, il enchaîne de manière agressive, mais le chant est passablement doux et profond, sauf pour les ponts qui retournent à la violence. Si vous voulez l'écouter et/ou la télécharger: 06. lynch - the whirl.mp3 Elle en vaut vraiment la peine, à mon avis. ♥
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15 octobre 2009

Just to make my point...

Okay!I've always been the first to scream to HELL that Corey Taylor was a lot of things, but far away from beauty... He has a fucking wonderful voice and so I didn't dig anything else about him... So... HOW THE HELL DID THIS : HAPPEN TO TURN LIKE THAT? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? And how did it happend to TURN ME ON? Calisse...
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12 mai 2009


JUKA IS BACK!!!!!!! Sous un nouveau nom batard qui est: Shaura Dans un groupe au nom batard: Xover Avec un seul autre musicien dans le groupe, un guitariste: Kouichi (from Everlasting-K, ex. Laputa) Pis avec un myspace pi un sample de toune: http://www.myspace.com/xoverofficialmyspace Enjoy the glittering guidoune again 8D (D'toute façon, ça peut pas être pire que son solo project LOL)
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