20 avril 2011

The cat isn't sleeping on the couch.

This title is like a poem lololol   Anyway, I'm thinking about drawing again. I'm bad at it, but it develops ideas. (Even thought I only draw half naked supposed women who just look like some aliens...)I would improve myself enough to buy a tablette graphique (Too lazy to just translate it lol) I'm starting to miss my old fangirl self. I feel dreamless when I think about it.   MAIS OÙ SONT PASSÉS MES RÊVES? 
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02 avril 2011


Am I the only freak retard hallucinating that Hayato, new BLOOD singer, ex. Satan, Schwarz Lillie and Hayato, ex. Mar'derayla singer are the fucking same guy?? Damn. Why can't I get through this ;A; Here they are. Hayato (BLOOD) Hayato (Mar'derayla)    Maybe I'm just a crazy bitch lol.
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02 avril 2011


Since I have almost nothing to do 'cuz I don't work or attend school, I started gaming like never before. I'm playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Dragon Age.And I plan to start Assassin's Creed... I should do sport instead, I'm getting fat. Crap. Anyways... FENRIS PICTURE: This is totally accurate wwww
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