17 novembre 2010

I don't wanna be a Superhero

"I don't wanna be a superhero Never really cared about society I don't wanna be a superhero I don't care so don't call me! " Roadrunner United - I don't wanna be (a superhero)
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15 novembre 2010

I'm not that surprised.

There's a tiny chance Iori left because of his hernia AND because he was getting tired of Jun.   http://tanukiwww.livejournal.com/8131.html   It's weird, I was totally into Jun like two months ago or so. Now he just, totally pisses me off. He realized he really was cute but just. Aggravated it to the point he isnt cute anymore. He starts to disgust me.   WHY PHANTASMAGORIA'S MEMBERS BECAME ALL SHITTY AFTER DISBANDMENT? Beside Iori DDDD8 (Matoi just didn't do anything so he is annoying LOL)
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15 novembre 2010

Outside the Nine

♥ stay (sic) ♥
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13 novembre 2010

Nice time~

A night passed under a Kotatsu with a friend, saying random shit and laughing for nothing while stupid people were shouting evrywhere. Under the kotatsu, there's another world~ ♪   (Picture is coming soon on Trucydae's blog ;D)
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12 novembre 2010

Merci, pub de Facebook.

Oh My God.Ya vraiment encore des gens qui utilisent Outlook? (lol) 
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12 novembre 2010


Mad makes me feel nostalgic. There are a lot of people I miss. There are numerous person who I deeply love but just don't see often enough.And many are person I didn't even see the last three years (and more) To these person, I just to tell them I love them.   THey won't read this, but I wish they will feel it. 
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11 novembre 2010


Kagrra. debuted as "Karasu".It means "Crow" for those who don't know. Kagrra. is a play with the word "Kagura", meaning "Ancient Shinto dance" lol. By the way, the band is disbanding. Kinda sad, but they weren't innovating at all.So I think it's better to just split up. They lasted long. And were worth it. Congratulation Kagrra., I was happy you lived... -Rest In Peace-  By the way, I'm kinda sad Isshi haven't had any pretty haircut for their ten years of live. Sorry Isshi haha!
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10 novembre 2010


Isn't it a cosplay of Kaya???? Why did I find it in "Elegant Gothic Aristocrat" gallery on Nautiljon?????
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09 novembre 2010

Lolitas à TV5 ♪

OMG.I just watched a TV show called "Hors série" and it was wonderful. There were lots of my friends in there.   AND THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL I'M ALMOST CRYING ;A;/ ♥   But I'm jealous LOL. I'm not that beautiful or stylish. I just haven't found my style yet... Maybe I'll never have any XDDD   BUT GURLS YOU WERE SO PRETTY. LOLITAS ARE SO SWEET~ ♥ ♥ ♥
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09 novembre 2010

Thanks to Mynn.

Who just PWNED some stupid guy ;D http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/11/08/xa-vats-upcoming-releases-covers-revealed/
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