10 décembre 2008


My order for Creatures for Imagination of Phantasmagoria had been, finally, canceled.So I asked to the people of play-asia if I could buy MONSTERS ~Pocket no naka ni wa Junk Story of Mix Speaker's inc.I also ordered 13's CLUB (the DVD) of them on Brand-X <3~So only MONSTER WARS ~GRAND FINALE~ would be missing...And, for the CDs, I must order Wonder Traveling and Friday Night "MONSTIME" <33333~ Mix Speaker's inc. is aboutto own my life LOLOLOL!But, for the moment, the worst is still Phantasmagoria XD!If I can order... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2008


I don't like how I am, that dependant...School started 3 days ago and I already miss summer, especially friends...I'm already bored of school too, even if some of teachers seem cool... I miss him so much too...It's only 2 weeks since I'd seen him the last time, but it's too much for me, it appeared like that in any case...I'm really crazy, I'm getting so hard in love with a guy which is like 8 years over than myself, and the fact is that I'm only 16, and I'm able to believe in the fact that hejust can consider myself...What a joke!... [Lire la suite]
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