09 octobre 2010

I want pink hair back. But, this time, my whole head will be. Heading to a friend's house. Hoping everything will be fine. Jun and Riku will be with me anyway ;D   So cutes~ ♥
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06 avril 2010


I wish you weren't expecting something new about Kisaki's new band....'Cause you'll be FUCKING angry as I am right now. RIKU IS THE FUCKING SINGER OF THIS BAND AND IT WAS THE ONLY THING I WISHED WOULDN'T BE. Akito, (Now Katana) and Reiya, from CHARIOTS, will also be there...Ok... so the last band with Riku didn't work out, so you think it will work better if you're in the band, Kisaki...ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? =______________=And Akito looks EVEN MORE like Jun than before... WHAT THE HELL. And Reiya took Iori's place, what is... [Lire la suite]
05 janvier 2009

Double Decker

OMG!!I did just received this: But those things in front of the Deckers are such hard to place...I don't even know how and no more where it suits XDD! Let's try hard! Clever Sleazoid - Dir en Grey
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