18 octobre 2010

Mist of Rouge... XD ♥

I was laughing at Kisaki Project's PV Aisyuu - Unrequieted Love- but...   OMG!!!!   Mist of Rouge just beated them.   The had a song called "Flow Tears" and, man, the PV is überly cheezy XDDD   Like, ok, they show river's flow to create an effect with the title of the song.   Crap, THAT IS SO FUNNY XDDD ♥   And the clip is all long with pictures of nature.   LOL.   There it is:
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06 avril 2010


I wish you weren't expecting something new about Kisaki's new band....'Cause you'll be FUCKING angry as I am right now. RIKU IS THE FUCKING SINGER OF THIS BAND AND IT WAS THE ONLY THING I WISHED WOULDN'T BE. Akito, (Now Katana) and Reiya, from CHARIOTS, will also be there...Ok... so the last band with Riku didn't work out, so you think it will work better if you're in the band, Kisaki...ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? =______________=And Akito looks EVEN MORE like Jun than before... WHAT THE HELL. And Reiya took Iori's place, what is... [Lire la suite]
08 octobre 2009

UCP Layout

New Under Code Production website's layout ;____; http://under-code.jp/ Marde, there's a long time since I went on this website... MUCH MUCH LOVE!
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24 décembre 2008


Okay, first, D'espairsRay sort FINALEMENT un nouvel album le 4 mars...Ça fait genre un an et demi que j'attend après cette bâtarde d'annonce-là!J'ai tellement hâte...Je le commande pour sûre!!J'espère juste que HORIZONT va être la seule dans son genre parce que, quoi que bonne, c'est vraiment trop commercial, même si j'ai adoré le PV! Sinon, sur une note plus visual electro moins rock (LOL), Mix Speaker's Inc. sort un nouveau DVD!!Tsé, Kasumi, en plus on en parlait lundi LOL, qu'on voulait les voirs en live avec leurs nouveaux... [Lire la suite]
06 novembre 2008


LOL I already told you Riku was so gay! *Jokes* Thanks Kisaki~sama for this wonderful picture! Come in Quebec soon LOL!
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